Bubble Slides Are TikTok's Comfiest Shoe Trend

Bubble Slides Are TikTok's Comfiest Shoe Trend

Tiktok has become a viral springboard for fashion trends that range from vague aesthetic (anything with a -core on the end of it) to hyper-specific micro-trends. But while many of the most-talked about trends focus on style over substance, the rise of Bubble Slides is proof that sometimes it's just about an item that feels amazing. 

These puffy, cloud-like shoes, made from buttery soft EVA foam, took off on TikTok, with popular influencers making videos that have racked up hundreds of thousands of views and likes. Bubble Slides offer a range of colours and sizes for you to slip on as you hang out at home or run errands. (And with free shipping in Australia for orders over $150, they make a perfect gift for the holidays!)

Like a cross between pool sandals and cozy slippers, Bubble Slides are playful while putting comfort first. The quirky shoes have amassed a large list of positive reviews. "I opened these straight away when I got them and put them on," wrote a customer, "I'm not lying when I say my feet let out a sigh of relief. The ache was automatically gone. It was like I was walking on clouds."

If you're planning to wear these shoes out of the house, it's best to keep the rest of your look casual, in line with the laid-back slides. Sweats, denim cutoffs, or bike shorts will all fit the bill!

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